Corporate sustainability concept

We define corporate sustainability as the clear objective to keep offering a humane work environment as we have been for already 30 years, to maintain this goal and expand in a modest and monitored manner while ensuring to keep the ensuing impacts as low as possible in order to avert any negative effects on our environment.

Despite the fact that we are working with the “human individual as a resource“ and are not operating in the production industry, we have developed possibilities to perform services which are primarily focused on the lowest impact possible on man and nature, in the office and the job site.

We are aware that a happy and satisfied employee is more efficient and content with his life than an unhappy and vulnerable one.

Satisfaction in the workforce begins and ends not on the location where the service is rendered. There are rather other contributing factors in the corporate and social environment of the employees: long-term job prospects in the form of fair and well-paid contracts, various offers of training programs and learning opportunities, interesting projects that partly take place abroad as well as a close-knit atmosphere in the company which can be ensured by a lower fluctuation rate.

As a German security company we assume the daily responsibility for a multitude of people. Safety and responsibility are two indispensable features for us. For us, this responsibility does not end by fulfilling our core service. We are aware of the societal responsibility that we as a company have to assume and are safeguarding it in various ways. Acting sustainably is a crucial part of our corporate identity. We know of the potentials that are being enjoyed by primarily medium-sized companies regarding the implementation of global sustainability goals with the ultimate objective of shaping a future environment worth living in. We would like to contribute to this task that is being assumed by society as a whole by aligning our corporate actions with the principles of sustainability.

In order to reach this goal we have put actions in place that meet the requirements of these economic and ecological dimensions of sustainability. We continually develop these actions and increasingly invest in the implementation process. The focus of our efforts lies on the social pillar of sustainability. Our industry offers many great potentials. The everyday contact with many people serves as our inspiration. We regard our role as employer as an additional obligation that we are committed to.

Implementing fair working conditions is natural to us and a building rock of our longstanding success. It is elementary in our trade to contract satisfied and local employees. In this regard, we have developed comprehensive measures which lead, among other things, to a very low employee fluctuation rate and a very high recommendation rate.

We do not apply the classic model of filling positions on a project-related and thus short-term and moreover temporary basis in order to fulfill short-term contracts. Fixed-contracts of projects which are recurring yearly offer us the opportunity of long-term staff recruitment and operational planning as well as on the job training of smaller candidate circles with the assistance of experienced staff. We predominantly work with permanent employees in fulfilling these training programs. The area of “events“ is the only sector in which we contract freelancers. These are mostly invoice issuers, secondary contract work, registered temporary help or subcontractors.

Our temporary help and temporary workers are fully registered and insured in accordance with statutory provisions. The recommendation of our employees by on-duty workers to RAD Sicherheit human resources division is common practice. The personal attachment and the expert opinion of the intermediary coworker as the preliminary stage of a factual application weighs heavier than the content of a classic letter of application. This form of personally accompanying our employees even through vocational training and continuing education has a long tradition in our company and has moreover enjoyed a great deal of positive response.

Work circumstances

Of course our employees receive wages that are in accordance with collective agreements. Overtime is compensated with time-off. Monthly passes for public transport are automatically included in our employment contracts. We naturally fulfill all stipulated industrial provisions and other valid regulations governing the health and safety or workers at the workplace. We are even going one step further. Travel time is compensated and we additionally go beyond the statutory provisions regarding regulations of resting periods. Our recreational activities like common sport activities that include parents and single parents together with the children of the other employees are quite popular and promote both health and the sense of community.

We place a great focus on the qualification and continuing education of our employees. On the hand we would like to lay the foundations to honor the high quality standards that are being demanded from us by our costumers. On the other hand we would like to qualify our employees in order to promote the feeling of being safe and well prepared at all times. We ensure this through individual education programs, training and structured processes regarding employee feedback. Social media is utilized to capture and communicate private evaluations and opinions on top of relevant operational information. We guarantee data protection as well as the dignity of group members in a preventative and close manner.

On top of obligations stipulated by statutory provisions we additionally train our employees in the handling of stressful situations and conflict management. Security guards go through additional special and recurring coaching conducted by the association “tolerance through education“ located in Berlin and being spearheaded by Dr. Siegfried Wolf, president of the Karate federation of Baden-Wuerttemberg and head of the department of “self-defense“ at the German Karate federation.

Our employees consider themselves as the first contact of visitors and therefore as direct representatives to our contractors. It is the precise prior clarification and a complete service specification or instructions for the employees, job-specific training programs and scenarios in combination with the ideal technical equipment that enable the desired implementation of the operational aims. This also includes the mediation of the set of values to our costumers. It is important to us that our employees comprehend the field within they must operate.

Promotion of women and reconciliation of work and family life

Within our company we ensure the following measures in the implementation of the job:

Prohibition and prevention of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication that are aimed at ridiculing, intimidating or aim to violate the dignity of female employees in any other way, the explicit encouragement of women to apply for in-house positions of vocational and other programs in fields that are mainly dominated by men, the consideration of female trainees for a full employment contract to the extent of their share in training, interviewing employees about their wishes regarding working hours, the evaluation and introduction of implementation steps regarding their operational activities, offering part-time work or flexible working-time models as a measure to implement the reconciliation of work and family life, the development and implementation of near full-time part-time work, the establishment or expansion of remote working for the employees, support for the procurement of childcare and care services, vacation programs to bridge the gap for children with employed parents in kindergarten or during school holidays, the potential participation of workplace training, substitute assignments and readmission agreements for parents on parental leave, the provision of in-house partners for returnees, a review of equal pay standards within the company by application of recognized and suitable measures, measures to employ girls and women for a professional internship that focuses on men-dominated areas as well as the provision of special educational programs for women which prepare them for a transfer to higher quality and leadership positions.

Social commitment

Our internal perception of corporate responsibility does not only imply the duty of care towards our employees. For us, responsibility also requires the assumption of responsibility of social challenges. We regard ourselves as a partner that can make a contribution towards the solution of a big societal problem through our competencies in the area of conflict management and prevention of violence. In this field, we look back on a long tradition of partnerships, cooperation and memberships, among others through “tolerance through education“ in Berlin, the victim protection organization “Weisser Ring“ (White Ring), “protect yourself, but appropriately” to only name a few. Our contributions in this aspect are without any exception on a voluntary basis.

In addition we train our employees to be “Instructors for violence prevention” for kids and other professions and train our instructors in schools and administrations, like for instance the office of public order, the federal office for migration and refugees, energy companies and waste management providers. These training and awareness-raising measures are mostly voluntary or operated on a cost-covering (of the lecturers) basis. Regarding integration we currently employ 4 refugees (in the area logistics events) and furthermore offer assistance that goes beyond the simple office life and is focused on the integration of their families. In this regard we offer various sport and leisure activities but also offer assistance in helping to learn the local language.

Regarding vocational and training programs we acknowledge the great responsibility that rests upon us as a company offering apprenticeships. We currently solely employ 3 trainees in the areas commercial clerk and expert for protection and safety.

Corporate environmental management and environmentally behavior

Environmental consciousness shapes our corporate activity for many years. We act according to the principles of the prevention and reduction. The consumption of energy and material, emissions, garbage and waste water are key elements in our concept. In this regard we have defined some measures, are implementing these in a continuous manner and increasingly invest in this area. In our understanding environmental management is a process that was considered for the long-term. The previous measures are in this respect an important step towards achieving an operational environmental management. In order to realize this goal we have captured all activities – namely the current “environmental situation“ of the company – and verified them regarding optimization possibilities.

As a security company in Germany we are directly affected by the negative impacts of climate chance. We are increasingly challenged to react to the effects of environment-related factors in the area of open-air events. That makes it a part of our services to react to extreme weather in an appropriate manner and consider these factors both during the consultation and the creation of a security concept. In order to realize this we are closely working with our costumers. Weather effects and the resulting consequences on open-air events have meanwhile taken an extremely important spot in our security concepts, status reports and work instructions.

What follows is an overview of all of the measures that we have successfully established and that we are intent to further develop in the coming years:


  • Digitization of office procedures (bidding processes, invoicing, contract management, public procurement and project management).
  • Digitization of the incident book (object-related documentation of all activities of the guarded object).
  • Double-sided printing (default setting on all PCs) on paper carrying the blue angel seal.
  • We consistently separate our trash on all work stations, communal areas and of course our small kitchen. The required waste bins that are sufficiently dimensioned are emptied by the municipal waste disposal management.


  • Emergency vehicles are equipped with a needs-based motorization, mostly under 70 kw. We are currently converting the Eco-friendly combustion engines to electric drive or hybrid-technology (in the area of surveillance services and alarm tracing the sole electric drive is (not yet) effective enough and therefore not meeting the demands.
  • Trips to remote operation sites are conducted by carpooling, mostly in rented 9-seater minibuses/vans.
  • Regarding the extensive event and object protection we are increasingly using bicycles, sometimes motor or electric scooters. These are however mostly receiving strong support in areas close to the audience.
  • Passes for public transportation and train cards (German Bahncard) are, for the most part, already an integral part of individual employment contracts.

Procurement and maintenance of material

  • We are focusing on the sustainable material acquisition for our small kitchen (fair trade organic coffee and tea, bulk packaging instead of small packages, no capsule machines, organic fruit for the employees). Only caterers that prove to be organic/fair trade are considered for the supply of food for our employees in the event that catering takes place on an operation site. No ceramics & glass, no paper or plastic!
  • The maintenance and care of our vehicles takes place in the same area of our logistics in close proximity to the office at a business that is certified by the association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA), offering the latest technology regarding economical and environmentally friendly car cleaning and repair work of smaller damages.
  • The renewal and storage of tires takes place nearby. This way we avoid transport resources, storage space and resources used for heating.
  • The acquisition of environmentally-friendly consumption material for the office takes place in big tranches in order to avoid emissions caused by transport-related emissions, with the objective to receive discounts at the time of purchase.
  • We use organic cleaning products and environmentally-friendly toilet paper as well as water-saving devices and energy-saving bulbs.
  • Water dispensers and filters for the optimization of tap water are available in the office facilities and can also be used for the filling of the private water bottles of the employees, like for instance for consumption on the way home.
  • We prefer products that carry the blue angel seal for any new purchases of electric devices like copiers, printers, kitchen devices et al. Decommissioned devices are handed over to a specialist for recycling purposes of valuable resources.
  • Shirts and trousers supplied by the company are for the most part optically identical and brand-independent and can also be acquired at a member of the alliance of sustainable textiles. The branding is individual even though statutory provisions require a labeling. This labeling takes place in a specialist company which does not necessarily have to be a supplier. Such efforts are already being planned while we are searching the market for an appropriate partner company.


  • Reduction of standby time of monitors and computers by powering down during longer breaks and at the end of the work day.
  • Time-controlled heating
  • Application of rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones for flash lights, hand-held metal detectors, guard control systems and radio equipment.