Security consulting

At RAD Sicherheit we believe in face-to-face talking and finding bespoke solutions to problems. The first stage of any job is to closely analyse our client’s needs. For this is the only way that we can develop a trusting relationship which will enable us to define and implement the detail of our client’s wishes.

Threat analysis

Initially, we get together with our client to identify the security requirement and whether it is already adequately covered. Already, at this stage, security vulnerabilities are detected and discussed.

We then draw up a detailed catalogue of measures covering the personnel and technical security services that still need to be provided. Of course, we never lose sight of the cost-effectiveness to our client of all these measures. And, of course, the best possible results from our services.

Our services

As well as performing all tasks related to making an event or site secure, we also advise individuals and organisations and cooperate with official agencies and bodies as part of our day-to-day business. Our projects often range from a consultancy role such as planning or changing building works, through training external personnel in crisis management, to actually implementing the plan that has been jointly drawn up.