The good noses of our trained service canines and their handlers have already provided us with numerous reliable services throughout the country.

By detecting explosives, drugs or other odours, our narcotic dogs and explosive dogs can warn of potential dangers or provide certainty that the searched zones can be entered without hesitation.

The watchdogs accompany our employees on day and night duty on private or industrial property or in poorly visible areas and warn against unauthorized entry through their excellent sense of hearing.

Some of the areas in which our K9 crews are depolyed include:

  • Concert halls and backstage areas
  • Football stadiums and team cabins
  • Conference and meeting-rooms
  • Hotel rooms and lobbies
  • Team and tour buses
  • construction sites
  • Entrance areas at major events

The mere presence of our sniffer dogs and K9 colleagues (e.g. at the entrance to event venues) can increase the subjective sense of security of your visitors, guests and employees enormously and have a calming effect on them.

Our service dogs have already been used at the following events:

  • World Climate Conference (COP23), Bonn
  • FC Liverpool Training Camp, Rottach-Egern
  • Elton John Concert Tour, Germany-wide
  • Little Mix Concert Tour, Germanywide
  • Living Circle Construction Site Security, Düsseldorf

When bringing our dog teams to service, we pay attention to a calm and concentrated way of dealing with reasonable strain intervals in order to guarantee a reliable and complete search. Our experienced dog handlers know exactly where there are potential dangers and can reliably analyse and assign the behaviour of their dogs.